Dance Movement Psychotherapy

dance movementDance movement psychotherapy (DMP) is based on the connection between psyche and soma, the deeply integrated nature of our nervous systems as the biological foundation of sensing, feeling, moving, thinking, and imagining.

Movement is communicative and can often express that which is difficult to put into words.

DMP is a creative, relational process in which the client and therapist use body movement and dance to support the integration of emotional, cognitive, physical, and social aspects of self. It can provide a safe place to experience and reflect on the links between actions, thoughts, and feelings.

DMP is highly individualized and might be different for each person, but it is open to anyone. You do not need to consider yourself a dancer or to have any dance training at all. Even the amount of movement or dance depends on what you are comfortable with. The idea is simply to allow your body to come with you through therapy.

The feeling of being ‘in your body’ can be difficult or complicated, but finding safe pathways to embodiment can help establish and develop strengths, increase healthy coping strategies, and build self-care skills. Body awareness is how we experience the present, feel grounded, and sense boundaries, as well as recognize whether we are safe, or what our needs might be. It is also how we know when we feel good.


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