Medical Director

Dr. Dawn Abriel

DO, Medical Director

Dr. Dawn Abriel was residency trained, board certified in emergency medicine, and practiced 20 years before becoming a somatic psychotherapist.

Dr. Abriel’s calling and training has prepared her for holding up the mirror with compassion to enable you to express optimal physical, emotional, and mental health.

Dr. Abriel’s approach to healing:

You can zero-in on how to be free of past confusion and fears. Are you ready to feel better?

Your body cannot lie, it reflects. It mirrors genetic expression, the environment it has been exposed to, and the choices made in foods consumed, and thoughts acted upon.

You bring belief systems into conscious awareness to allow realistic assessment of an ideas’ current value in your life.

You end up with choices about who you want to be that match the image you have of yourself; expressing your full glory and truth.

It’s time. You’ve succeeded on multiple fronts and are now ready to fine-tune your psyche; to fully integrate body, mind and spirit.  The peace-maker inside you is pleading, “Take the next step.”


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