3 Tips to Enjoy Thanksgiving with an Eating Disorder

by Rick Elliott

It’s that time of year again! We all know that the holidays can come with their fair share of stress, whether you are recovering from an eating disorder or not, but eating disorders certainly bring their own set of challenges to such celebrations. So we at EDTC thought we’d offer a few tips to help with Thanksgving so that you can all enjoy the holdiay to its fullest with your loved ones.

1.Keep Perspective

Remember, Thanksgiving is a meal not unlike any other. It is composed of proteins, starches, and fats just like the foods we eat every day. If you are following a meal plan, this is an excellent chance to look at your plate and see how all the food groups balance together to compose this famous dinner.

2.Eat Mindfully

While notorious for indulgence, Thanksgiving offers us a unique chance to eat mindfully. Listen to your body and the cues it is giving you about hunger and satiety and take the time to fully appreciate the progress you’re making. Thankfulness is the theme of the day, after all!

3.Don’t Overthink It

Recovery is something achieved in small victories day by day. If Thanksgiving overwhelms you, try to remind yourself that its not the end of the world. Tomorrow will be a new day and we are all here to help you get through it! Conversely, if you are proud of how well you did at Thanksgiving, remember to give yourself kudos. Be thankful for the strength you find in yourself today and every day. You’ve got this!

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