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The Eating Disorders Treatment Center was founded by Holly Finlay, MA, LPCC, CEDS in the summer of 2011 to expand the services she had been providing to the community with her private practice of nearly 20 years.

We utilize a team approach to treatment through collaboration with your current providers, or by helping you to set up a team of providers to follow your medical needs. The Eating Disorders Treatment Center has both mental health counselors and dietitians for both psychological and nutritional recovery.

For more information about each of our associates, and the background, training, and philosophy of treatment of our Clinical Staff, please click on their picture below.

Clinical Director and Co-Founder
Executive Director and Co-Founder
Clinical Director IOP
Psychiatrist & Medical Director
Clinical Counselor
Clinical Counselor
Director of Nutritional Services
Registered Dietitian
Dietetic Aide
Patient Services Coordinator
Patient Services Coordinator
Quality & Compliance Agent
Mental Health Technician
Billing Specialist