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I love who I am becoming…

Over this weekend with all my crazy… I realized who cares if I’m an attention seeker, who cares if it’s all about me, who cares if I’m a know it all, or whatever else anyone says about me.

I am strong, I am recovering, and I am here, and I’m doing the work, and if that means it seems like I wanna be center of attention and only care about myself and it’s Katie’s world then cool, because that’s a far cry from who I was 8 months ago when I didn’t think I deserved anything, when I didn’t think I was worth anything.

My kids love me as I am, my husband loves me as I am, my family (even though they don’t always agree) loves me as I am, and the friends that know me love me as I am. So why am I worrying. If I’ve been this way my whole life, why am I trying to change to make others happy. If they don’t like me for who I am and can’t overlook flaws that mean nothing to who I am as a person. Then that’s on them.

I love who I’m becoming and if some of the rest of the world can’t see that then that’s theirs to deal with. I don’t need them in my life if they can’t support me regardless of my issues.

Hope that made sense.

Katie is sharing her insights with us via her Facebook page ‘Recovering Katie’

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