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What to expect at EDTC

Eating Disorders Treatment Center is currently accepting new patients. After receiving an email through our Contact Us page either Holly Finlay, our Clinical Director, or David Keys, our Client Services Representative, will call to see how we can help. During this first contact, we  will assess the nature and severity the case, so that we can recommend the most appropriate level of treatment and course of action towards recovery. Please be sure to include your telephone number on your contact form so we can reach out to you.

Before a client’s first visit with his/her therapist in our office, we must gather some basic information so that we can establish him or her as a client, verify insurance benefits if necessary, and allow the therapist to prepare him/herself with as much information about the client as the client is comfortable divulging ahead of time.

We understand that it can be uncomfortable and time consuming to read and complete a stack of new patient forms and policies in a waiting room, so we strongly encourage you to view and complete our New Patient Forms before your first visit. Please click on the links below for each form to view, fill them in on-screen if your pdf file reader will allow you, and print each page. You may also print them and fill them them out by hand. Once you have printed the forms, please fax (505-221-5710) them to our Client Services Representative, or bring them to the office with you on your first visit.

If you are unable to print out the forms, please call David at 505-266-6121 ext 111 to give him the basic personal and insurance information he will need to verify your insurance benefits for you before your first visit.

If you wish to complete the intake process at our office prior to your first appointment, please allow at least half an hour prior to the scheduled appointment time to complete the forms and review our policies.