Parents of Kids with Eating Disorders

If you are a parent of a child with an Eating Disorder – We need your help!

While the title of this blog may seem dramatic to some, it is not.

We work with parents of teens with Eating Disorders. We are amazed at the dedication, commitment, and humility it takes for a parent to walk in the door of EDTC with their child. For many, it is a big sacrifice of time, work, money and ego to undertake the task of engaging in treatment. It isn’t easy. Yet, it is well worth all of it.

Here is what we experienced over the years of treating eating disorders.

Family-Based Treatment

Research tells us that for teens with Eating Disorders, Family-Based Treatment is the most effective, in the short- and long-term. It reassures parents and teens to hear this truth, “it’s not your fault”.

Blame games

Too often families (and sometimes professionals) play the “blame game” in an attempt to understand how the illness started. And it never helps.

You don’t need to know why

Another thing experience has demonstrated – it isn’t necessary to know all the “why’s or how’s” of this illness to treat it.

Eating Disorders Treatment Center in Albuqerque

At EDTC, we work to change what doesn’t work into a recovery process that does.

We help parents to nourish their child, on many levels. We teach care and re-feeding. We offer coaching to patients and families while moving through the stages of recovery. We address concerns that parents have about “forcing their child to engage in treatment they don’t want” by offering support and teaching them about setting helpful boundaries.

We have experienced the myriad ways the illness works to disconnect the family. This illness thrives on disconnection and isolation. We encourage and support you all through the process of increased communication.

We need you as much as you may need us. It is our goal to work together, as a treatment team partnership, to cure your family of the Eating Disorder illness and thrive.

Ann Flosdorf, Director of PHP

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