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Eating Disorder – General Recommended Videos

Eating Disorders Meal Support: Helpful Approaches for Families

Eating Disorders from the Inside Out: Laura Hill at TEDxColumbus

Parents staying on task during refeeding in Family Based Treatment

Anorexia – Parents to Parents: What We Wish We Had Understood

Family Based Treatment Phase 1 – What To Do and Why You need To Do It

Family-Based Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa (Part B)

Explaining Family Based Treatment and its Evidence

Family Based Treatment Phase 1 – What To Do and Why You need To Do It

A First-Person Account of Binge Eating Disorder

EDNOS: Most Dangerous, Unheard of Eating Disorder

The Science of Addictive Food

Jean Kilbourne Killing Us Softly 4; helpful on Body Image

Eating Disorder – Recommended Videos for Professionals

The Neuroscience of Adult Anorexia—Carrie Arnold (ED Bites)

References the Keys Starvation Study at about 11 min in…
Brain Imaging and Eating Disorders – Walter H. Kaye, M.D., Director

Recommended Reading

  • Life Without Ed
    Jenni Schaefer
    An easy quick read that gets inside the head of someone with an ED

  • A Parent’s Guide to Anorexia and Bulimia
    Kathryn Byrne
    Another easy read with some quick suggestions

  • Help Your Teenager Beat An Eating Disorder
    Lock and Le Grange

  • Eating Disorders – A Parent’s Guide
    Bryant-Waugh and Lask

  • Anorexia and Related Eating Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence
    Bryant-Waugh and Lask
    Heavier, research reading

  • Skills-Based Learning for Caring for a Loved One with an Eating Disorder – The New Maudsley Method
    Janet Treasure and others Edited
    Excellent Material

  • Eating Disorders – A guide to Medical Care and Complications
    Mehler and Anderson-Good
    Medical Material

  • Handbook of Assessment and Treatment of Eating Disorders
    Walsh, Attia, et al.
    New Book as of 2016 Research and Practice

  • Handbook of Treatment for Eating Disorders 2nd ed.
    Garner and Garfinkel
    One of the “Classics” in Research and Practice

  • Treatment of Eating Disorders
    Margo Maine, Bunnel, et al.

  • The Treatment of Eating Disorders – A Clinical Handbook
    Grilo and Mitchell
    A good up-to-date research and practice Book

  • Overcomig Binge Eating
    Dr. Christopher G. Fairburn