Recovery is like life……It’s bumpy!

Recovery is like life…. It’s Bumpy

Don’t we all love the quick fix? The solution that you try once and everything goes as planned! Well we know in life that doesn’t really happen… Things that we want so badly take work, dedication and some stumbles along the road. Well, eating disorder treatment (and mental health treatment in general) mimics life in that way. So many patients and families come in wanting professionals to tell them what to do and how to make everything better as fast as possible. And then when things don’t go as planned, you have a slip, or maybe a relapse, you feel as though it’s a failure! Well guess what – it’s not a failure and I hate to break it to you but it’s part of the process. Recovery, like life, is full of ups and downs, waves of success, and struggles and that’s okay. Instead of seeing a slip, a lapse, or relapse as failure, see it as part of the journey and see it as a way to gain more information. With every bump you get more information on where you need to strengthen your recovery and what else you may need to help you along the way. Plus, you are never back where you started! No matter how big or small the bump is you still have everything you have learned and gained along the road, the insights, the support, the skills! These things will help you bounce back up and keep going, even stronger then you were before. So don’t get down on yourself and challenge that idea that recovery should be perfect! Give yourself permission to be human and grow as you walk through your journey, no matter how bumpy the road!

This blog was contributed to EDTC by Kayla Rogers, Clinical Therapist LPCC

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