Art Therapy Program

Art Therapy

As a child, you probably found enjoyment coloring with crayons or making handprints in the sand. As an adult, you may take photographs as a hobby, knit, or create lovely scrapbooks. All of these simple creative activities are ways to soothe you and give enjoyment and pleasure, because they are methods of self-expression that tap into your intuition and state of being.


What is Art Therapy?

At the Eating Disorder Treatment Center, we understand that even though you may have enjoyed the therapeutic powers of art making, you may not think of art as related to therapy. Art therapy is essentially the marriage of art and psychology.
While an art therapy session may look like an art class, it has a different purpose-this is to blend art and therapy. Our staff art therapist is trained to guide your creative efforts and help you find meaning in your personal art-making process. With therapeutic support and guidance, the art that you make can bring new insights that may lead you to a positive change in your Eating Disorder or other disorders.

At Eating Disorder Treatment Center, our staff art therapist will help you to focus on your inner experience through individual or group art therapy sessions.

Again, you do not have to have talent or art experience to participate in this therapeutic process. Adults, teens, and children are welcome in our art therapy program.
Our art therapist works with clients in individual sessions and during our IOP program.

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