Individual Psychotherapy

Individual PsychotherapyBeginning treatment for an eating disorder, or any mental health issue, can feel quite overwhelming. At the Eating Disorder Treatment Center, we take pride in the skill and empathy that our therapists provide to every client. We know that setting your first appointment can be scary, and it is with understanding and respect that we welcome you to begin your personal journey towards recovery through individual psychotherapy. Treatment is strictly confidential. Our philosophy is to tailor the treatment to each individual’s needs. We then work with our clients to establish an appropriate pace for recovery. With individual psychotherapy at EDTC, clients will have the opportunity to develop insight regarding the issues underlying their eating disorders. Individual psychotherapy is a safe place to explore those topics that clients might not feel comfortable sharing with anyone else. While insight is helpful, it is just as important to learn how to move forward in a healthy way. Psychotherapy at EDTC is not just “getting advice”, but learning how to find new solutions, develop coping skills and discover greater freedom to make the choices to enable you become healthy and achieve your life goals. This may involve learning new skills, trying out new behaviors, working through old issues, grieving, or letting go of things that no longer serve your health or well-being. Developing a new relationship with food and developing a support network to help you along your way can be a complex process, but also a rewarding one. Initially, this may mean learning how to listen to yourself in new ways, understanding how you see the world and relationships, and strengthening your sense of wholeness, as well as building resilience for coping with life’s challenges through your individual work with a caring and experienced therapist.
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