Adolescent Program

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Adolescent Program is focused on treating teens with eating disorders, utilizing all of the aforementioned therapeutic methods, while helping teens and their families navigate the waters of recovery through support, nutritional counseling and psycho-education.

For the convenience of our clients still in school, this program meets from 4:15 pm until 7:15 pm four days each week. One session each week (usually Tuesday evenings) is devoted to Family Focused treatment where both clients and their families work together on the issues that confront them.

Clients are expected to attend all sessions and remain in the program until they learn the skills needed to step down to fewer sessions per week. On a case by case basis, clients may petition for participation in our IOP Step-Down program, in which clients attend the IOP on an abbreviated schedule. This allows them to enjoy the independence earned through recovery and encourages them to “keep up” socially and developmentally with their peers. Clients will graduate from the program when sufficient improvement have been made in the biological, psychological, and social aspects of their lives effected by the eating disorder. This is determined by agreement between the treatment team, parents, and the client.

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