Nutritional Counseling & Rehabilitation

The Eating Disorders Treatment Center provides nutritional counseling to everyone, not just those individuals with a diagnosed eating disorder. Our staff dietitians will address a new client’s current nutritional status and eating behaviors, provide weight monitoring when appropriate, and encourage healthy thinking and behaviors about food. These individual nutrition and dietary counseling sessions will also provide tailored nutrition education and recommendations, explore client’s relationship to food and body image, and set appropriate goals in working toward intuitive, healthy eating. In addition to specializing in eating disorder related nutritional concerns, our staff is trained to address a variety of nutrition and dietetic issues such as diabetes, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, weight management, food allergies, wound care, and many others.

Nutritional Counseling
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We recommend that most new patients with Eating Disorder issues meet individually with the staff dietitian within two weeks of starting their treatment program with EDTC. For Intensive Outpatient Program participants, an initial 30-minute session to set up a meal plan and provide a nutrition assessment is included in the IOP package. Patients may choose to attend additional fifty-minute individual sessions with the nutrition therapist as needed. These sessions are not included in the Intensive Outpatient Program and will be billed to the insurance company if possible and are available for reasonable fee for those whose health insurance may not cover Nutritional Consultations.

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