Anna Claire McKnight

Anna Claire McKnight As an art therapist, I believe in the power of art-making to help us express, communicate, process, and reflect. This can be especially useful for those dealing with eating disorders and other associated concerns, as art can be a tool that allows for a deeper connection with oneself and others. In art

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Anna Kilgro

Anna Kilgro I am passionate about promoting the welfare of individuals as they discover their true selves through cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, acceptance, commitment therapy, and person-centered therapy approaches. I value social justice, autonomy, dignity, authentic human relationships, beneficence, empathy, competence, and integrity, and I intentionally integrate these qualities into my daily sessions.

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Alexandria Rakes

Alexandria Rakes As a social worker, I view mental health work as an integral part of social justice. My dedication to social justice, inclusivity, and helping others empower themselves reflects my compassionate and transformative approach to mental health practice. I strive to ensure patient’s feel like they are in the driver seat of their healing

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Elianna Sanchez

Elianna Sanchez As a Patient Services Coordinator at EDTC, I strive to make sure that all voices are heard. I work closely with the clinical team to create the best treatment possible for each patient and their individual circumstances. Starting therapy can be intimidating, so I aim to radiate a comforting environment while smoothly transitioning

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