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Clinical Couselor

Bill Dorman

LMFT, M.Div., D.Min.


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), as well as a NM Licensed Continuing Education Provider for counselors and therapists. My clinical training includes two years at the Houston Marriage and Family Center, and three years at the Menninger Clinic, Topeka, KS. I earned my M.Div. and D.Min. from Vanderbilt University’s School of Divinity. The professional organizations to which I belong include: American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (Clinical Fellow; Approved Supervisor); American Association of Pastoral Counselors (Fellow); International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (Approved Interventionist for Individual and Group Critical Incident Stress Management; Approved Instructor for Individual and Group Critical Incident Stress Management); and, the American Counseling Association.

My experience in health care settings includes being a chaplain and bioethicist in an inpatient hospital; working as a Grief Counselor with a hospice; and providing Solution-Focused Therapist to military members and their families. I am experienced with trauma and critical incidents, which includes responding to various health care professionals and teams affected by a trauma, and responding to critical incidents experienced by service members.   In those settings, I witnessed the importance of self-care. I draw upon a variety of resources to help people be mindful of their personal well-being.

My professional career is devoted to the well-being of relationships. In 2003, I was recognized by the New Mexico Association of New Mexico as the “New Mexico Marriage and Family Therapist of the Year.”  In my outlook, life exists in a network of connections, interactions and relationships with other persons. The quality of our relationships are significant to our perceptions and experiences of how we are esteemed and valued. When relationships have the resources to navigate successfully the inevitable challenges faced by every relationship, and also give each member a sense that they are loved and of immeasurable importance as an individual and as a member of the relationship, people flourish, evolve, and blossom. Sadly, when stress, strain, and discord overwhelm the coping skills and resources of a relationship, there is a detrimental impact on our thoughts, feelings, and bodies. Every dimension of our person—body, mind, and spirit—is affected when our individual lives, or our relationships, are not in harmony, and are out of balance.

My commitment to wellness and well-being of body, mind, and spirit undergird my therapeutic efforts with individuals, couples, and families. By providing an empathetic presence, I create a caring and trusting healing environment. I see myself as a partner with clients. My goal is to walk beside clients in their quest to restore and renew their relationships to consist of healing and healthy qualities. Healthy relations are mutually nurturing. Such relationships are essential to the well-being and over-all health of body, mind, and spirit.

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