Medical Director




I am a board-certified psychiatrist and addiction psychiatrist. In addition to my work at
EDTC, I am an associate professor at the Mind Research Network in Albuquerque.
Although my primary specialty is psychiatry, I also completed an internal medicine
residency and for many years was board-certified in Internal Medicine. I have a long-
standing interest in working with individuals with eating disorders, so I am excited to
apply my medical and psychiatric training and clinical background to work with patients
seeking help at the Eating Disorders Treatment Center.
I am originally from Minnesota, where I went to medical school, but have done clinical
training in Denver, San Francisco and here in Albuquerque. I have lived in Albuquerque
for over ten years and for most of that time I served as faculty at the University of New
In addition to my role as Medical Director of EDTC, at the Mind Research Network I am
involved in or am the principal investigator for several research studies to improve
treatments for individuals with alcohol and tobacco use disorder. I’m passionate about
researching ways to improve well-being and mental health through pharmacotherapy
and psychotherapy for a variety of disorders and troublesome behaviors.
I am very excited to serve on the multidisciplinary team at EDTC where I look forward to
providing pharmacotherapy and psychotherapeutic support for patients in need!


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