Counselor and Art Therapist

Cyd Davis-Hubler


Counselor and Art Therapist

As an art therapist, I let imagination guide connecting with creative mystery and meaning making. Art therapy is based on the idea that the creative process of art making facilitates reparation and recovery. Art therapy is a nonverbal form of communication to express feelings and thoughts. The creative process of art making can be a way for you to express your internal struggles like control, judgment and self- acceptance, etc.

My focus is not specifically on the aesthetic merits of the art, but on your therapeutic needs to express yourself. Many who struggle with Eating Disorders are in the process of finding their authentic voice and this can be done in art therapy.

Recent scientific findings show how images influence emotion, thoughts and well-being. Through art making you are invited to feel and respond and reframe working on emotional and behavioral change. In art, a client can actively try out, experiment with or rehearse a desired change through drawing, painting, collage or other 3-D art forms.

I integrate cognitive and mind-body constructs into therapy. Image making opens a door to compliment the cognitive –behavioral approach; I use the visual communication as an opportunity to enhance the CBT insights. I also incorporate mindfulness, somatic psychology as well as other mind-body interventions within art therapy.

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