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Clinical Counselor

Kayla Whitworth


As a therapist, the belief I hold most strongly is that you are the expert in your life and that my job is to help you find ways to reach your goals to live a life you find happy, healthy and fulfilling. I work from an eclectic point of view that begins first and foremost from a person-centered perspective, as a relationship built from trust, empathy, and unconditional positive regard are the start of any efficient counseling relationship. From there I will work with you to develop a treatment plan that combines interventions from other approaches including cognitive behavioral, solution- focused, and emotion-focused therapy to name a few, depending on what best fits your individual needs. Though, as in any relationship it needs to come from a collaborative place and you should always feel as though you have a strong voice in your treatment and in meeting your individualized goals.

Prior to working at EDTC I have experience working at an inpatient mental health facility, focusing a great deal of my professional work on working with clients with struggle with PTSD and addictions. I have also worked extensively with families over the past several years and as we know our families often play an essential role in our struggles and our recovery. If we as a team find that it is needed to included family therapy as part of your treatment plan, then that is something we will work to incorporate in the most smooth and healthy way possible.

You have made an enormous step just as you begin to consider changing your life, and if you find that EDTC is the right fit for you I hope that I can help you continue making steps forward into meeting your goals and finding the life you are looking for.


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