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Clinical Counselor

M.J. Waldrip-Madrid


Honoring the dignity and worth of every human being, I strive to support my clients in “coming home” to themselves. Sometimes in the beginning, it can seem unclear whether that’s possible or what that even means. But working together, gradually the way becomes more illuminated, obstacles become more easily navigated, and anxiety and depression begin to be replaced by greater confidence, empowerment, and love.

The Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti said, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” There are reasons we are in pain. It’s not helpful to stay in pain, of course, and sometimes we can’t seem to find the way out on our own. The focus of my work with you is on regulating the nervous system, which releases the blocks to your own innate wisdom and natural healing abilities. Much like how a physical wound will heal if given the proper environment, so too do our own psyche and soul. And by learning how to create that environment for yourself and your loved ones, you’ll gain the resources to navigate life’s challenges and create fulfillment long after our work together has concluded.

My first career was spent as a scientist focused on developing green power and energy technologies. After many years of doing my own experiential depth work in both individual and group therapy, I enrolled in the Counseling program at Southwestern College in Santa Fe. I facilitated a Grief and Loss Support Group for a year, and twice per year, I facilitate Vision Quest—a 7-day wilderness healing experience.

I am grateful to have been accepted for an internship at the Eating Disorders Treatment Center in September 2016, where I’ve enjoyed working with adults and adolescents facing eating disorders, body dysmorphia, depression, anxiety, trauma, and a variety of other manifestations of unhealed wounds. I graduated with a master’s degree in Counseling in May 2017 with a certificate in Transformational Ecopsychology and have been on staff since March 2017. I look forward to supporting you in healing.

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