Nicole Ward

Clinical Social Worker

Nicole Ward

As a Licensed Masters Social Worker, my mission is to enhance human well-being through the core values of service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity and competence. I strive to assist my clients in developing and accomplishing their own recovery-oriented goals, through the power of talk therapy. I hope to help each of my clients find their most authentic self, and encourage them to challenge their eating disorders, body image and gender-identity concerns. I aim to provide a safe and open environment, where each individual may speak openly and honestly about the struggles they face.

I received a bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Northern Arizona University in 2019; and a master’s degree in Social Work at Northern Arizona University in 2021. Before moving to New Mexico, I was working at a psychiatric outpatient facility, where I organized and facilitated behavioral group therapy. I enjoyed working with individuals of all different backgrounds and walks of life in their journey to a healthy life and recovery.

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