What if I told you that the mirror lies?

Mirror Mirror On the Wall…

What if I told you that the mirror lies? 

Many of us have made it part of our daily routine to check the mirror first thing in the morning and for some of us, numerous times in a day.  We look at our reflection and believe what we see to be reality. However, the mirror reflects our own perceptions of what we see. Want to check that? Imagine what it would be like if no one ever told you how you should look. How would that change your perception of yourself? 

Unfortunately, our perceptions have been clouded by our culture’s expectations and standards of flawless perfection and beauty. Can we really trust what we see? 

So what is real?  When you look in the mirror and see a crooked smile, the world sees joy.  The world sees the universal symbol of joy, a smile, not imperfect teeth.  Where you see stretch marks, birthmarks, skin ‘imperfections’ the world sees a story to tell, a journey walked. Our skin is the casing of all we have been through, endured and experienced.  Where you see wrinkles and gray hair, the world sees a life lived.  Every line on your face is evidence of that life. Each line is a reminder of all the laughter you've experienced and the worries you’ve overcome. The world sees YOU, every part of you and not just the one-dimensional reflection you see in the mirror. The next time you look in the mirror, remind yourself of who you really are, both inside and out, and that you do not have to measure up to a perception of what others may think you should be.

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